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hot mom erotic stories - Mother and son erotic manga story

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Lee on Mom's Secret is Uncovered (15) Enjoyed this tale Scores 4/5. Wargamer on Solstice Ch. 01 (6) It is incredibly erotic watching a man jerk himself to completion, the heat and the smell and the tension nylonpunkie on Mum Ch. 02 (8) Boring. sp on Parallel Urges Ch. 01 (1) More Incest/Taboo Comments. He and Mom watch each other masturbate. Exploring family values – the Tabootopia way. The fun you can have with a willing mom and girlfriend. What happens when two moms want to be on top? A family's life changes after one night in a hotel. and other exciting erotic stories at!

Chapter 1 It was six fifteen and Allison Hudson was late again. The Friday afternoon traffic had been a bear and there was an accident on the freeway that tied up all three lanes for over a half-hour.