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chubby chaser short stories - short dick flash for chubby girl

Sep 11,  · These 'chubby chaser' men had seen enough to know they wanted to meet me — all pounds of me. Maybe it was my fault. RELATED: The Lifelong Damage Of Telling A Big Girl She Has Such A Pretty FaceAuthor: Kara Richardson Whitely. Jun 23,  · True story: “I gained 20kg to please my fat-loving boyfriend” Clara* was slim all her life, but falling in love with a man who preferred chubby women put her on the path to weight gain – and she says she has no regrets.

Nov 03,  · Mike could not believe what he saw when the kid came out of the office. He had to be at least 6'4", probably or pounds of muscle. He had short blond hair, blue eyes, and a deep tan across his torso. He had the same basic blocky shape that Mike did, but his muscles all bulged a little bigger and looked a lot Fatfiction. In addition to the main story, there are other complicated love stories about a guy with a voice fetish, a boy with a crush on his best friend, and a chubby chaser. Also has previously unpublished ottomxxx.xyzes a bonus page exclusive to Renta! NEW BEST. MANGA. Love Manga Yaoi M.