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Sep 01,  · Facial image reconstruction capitalizes on the structure of face space and also serves to validate its representational properties. The recovery of face representations from both perception and memory can help to clarify the relationship between these two components of Adrian Nestor, Andy C.H. Lee, David C. Plaut, Marlene Behrmann. Facial reconstructive surgery is any surgery that restores facial features. These surgeries can repair disfigurement, burns, trauma, abnormal development, or any other facial deformity. View before and after Facial Reconstructive Surgery photos, submitted by real doctors, to get an idea of the results patients have seen.

Forensic facial reconstruction is the science of recreating the face of an individual from skeletal remains. Using techniques from the fields of anatomy, anthropology and artistry, forensic Anthr Ancient Faces, page 2 Ancient Faces, page pins. Facial reconstruction is used to try to positively identify the victim. This can either be done by three dimensional reconstruction, which uses tissue markers and clay to form an approximate reconstruction, or two dimensional reconstruction that uses photography and sketching to try create an approximate reconstruction.

An image pre-alignment with 5 facial landmarks is necessary before reconstruction. In our image pre-processing stage, we solve a least square problem between 5 facial landmarks on the image and 5 facial landmarks of the BFM09 average 3D face to cancel out face scales and misalignment.