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opposing views of condom distrobution - Big tits, big black cock, black condom

Mar 02,  · A good condom, Planned Parenthood said, is the only form of contraception, aside from abstinence, that reduces the risk of STDs. Campus chapters of Planned Parenthood are planning events this week, at which information about unprotected sex along with condoms will be distributed. Mar 02,  · “If condoms were the answer, then why is it that New York City, which under Mayor Michael Bloomberg has given away tens of millions of free condoms, has an HIV rate three times the national average? Furthermore, the promiscuous distribution of condoms in New York has coincided with a spike in sexually transmitted diseases of all Catholic League.

Mar 02,  · Condom distribution increased by 10 million between and [7] 8) The condom is one of the most accessible and inexpensive forms of birth control available. The cost of condoms is as low as $ per unit.[8] 9) The vast majority of American teens (68 percent of females and 82 percent of males) use a condom the first time they have sex.[9]Author: Plannedparenthood. Dec 08,  · Condom distribution in schools leads to a false sense of sexual security among students who lack experience with condom use, imposes ideas that contradict the religious beliefs of many students and their families, and sends a contradictory message to students that ultimately encourages them to engage in more sexual activity.

In particular, more conservative religious traditions, as well as religious groups that oppose contraception, oppose the move to the distribution of condoms in schools out of fear that basic values of their religions might be undermined in their children. As an alternative, critics of condom distribution advocate abstinence-only education.