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In the kitchen his mum looks at him then hugs him and we see her inhale deeply. The camera zooms in on her eyes seeing the pupils widen as she is filled with lust. Suddenly she rips off her son's shirt and attempts to mount him. The advert stops and the Lynx logo smashes the screen followed by a slogan saying 'Lynx! Irresistible to all women. Lady Lynx Erotica For Women: Kara's Links Porn For Women: Ms Naughty Porn for Women: Greenguy's Naked Male Links: Warning! This site is designed for the requirements of discerning adults and is therefore not available to minors. It is governed by the Restricted Premises Act of (with amendments), making it a CRIMINAL OFFENCE for persons.

Lady Lynx is an adult directory for women. Persian Kitty is one of the oldest, and definately one of the best, but for some reason (probably because everyone seems to know about persian kitty) you probably already knew that (grin). Erotic Porn for women and couples. For me, erotica is about the beauty of fantasy and engaging in people’s sexual fantasies for their own personal pleasure. My desire has been to create and produce elegant, tasteful and arousing films together with erotic stories, and an elegant erotic photography gallery that women and couples would find.