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Financial domination (also known as money slavery or findom) is a sexual fetish, in particular a practice of dominance and submission, where a submissive (money slave, finsub, paypig, human ATM, or cash piggy) will give gifts and money to a financial dominant (money mistress, findomme, money domme or cash master). Jan 29,  · Financial domination (or findom for short) is one of the many fetishes in the world of BDSM. It most often takes the form of a submissive man giving his money, and thus his control, to .

Some financial domination (or findom) relationships consist of one-off payments, others are regimented regular transferrals of money and some men even hand over passwords and total control of their. Jun 28,  · Financial domination is also known as money slavery and is basically a fetish of people who want to be controlled by another person in exchange of money. They pay people for controlling them and the one in charge is known as a financial dominatrix. Online dominatrix are making crazy money on the internet these days.

Jul 02,  · Financial Domination Is a Very Expensive Fetish The fetish of financial domination basically entails men transferring large sums of money to women over the internet. Aug 29,  · Financial domination is a specific fetish in which a submissive (typically a man, called a pay pig or cash slave) allows a dominant (or findomme – typically a woman) to control all aspects of their submissive partner’s financial life. This rarely discussed fetish is a facet of BDSM in which money is the focal point of the relationship.

May 17,  · Look up “Florida Findom” Taylor on twitter/Youtube. She is one of the top findoms that I know of. And always giving tips for new girls. She’s an ex reality show actress, so shes always dishing dirt on that too. As someone mentioned, best to learn. Financial Domination, Findom, or Wallet Rape as it is sometimes called, is a fetish where its participants, who are mostly male, enjoy the control and humiliation of a dominant female, who are called Mistresses or Financial Dommes.