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blocked tear duct treatment for adult - Special treatment for mature patient

Mar 06,  · Treating a blocked tear duct For adults with a blocked tear duct, treatment usually require a doctor’s attention. There’s no home remedy, though keeping your face and eyes — and contact lenses if Author: James Roland. Jan 14,  · Most children who are born with a blocked tear duct get better without any treatment within 4–6 months. However, in adults, some form of treatment is .

The first step in treating a blocked tear duct is determining the underlying cause. If the blockage is caused by infection, your doctor will likely prescribe antibiotics. Warm compressed may temporarily relieve discomfort caused by the blocked tear duct. Nov 16,  · Blocked tear ducts usually get better without treatment. You may need surgery to open the tear duct if it does not get better without treatment. What can I do to manage my symptoms? Clean and massage your eye 2 to 3 times every day or as directed.

A simple eye massage can help to unclog a blocked tear duct. Start at the corner of the eye that's closest to the nose and apply light pressure. Slide the finger down toward the corner of the nose and repeat this motion 10 times. This can loosen up the particle that's blocking the . This sac leads to the tear duct. This duct passes around some bony structures surrounding your nose and drains into your nasal cavity. Sometimes, this drainage system gets blocked. This can cause a lot of tearing or discharge from the eye. The blocked duct often becomes infected as well. In most cases, the cause of a blocked tear duct is not known.