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Back in Waxahachie Coleman again worked as a laundress until , when she moved to Chicago, Illinois, to live with her older brother, Walter. Within months she became a manicurist and moved to a place of her own while continuing to seek—and finally, in , to find—a goal for her life: . Jan 24,  · Death. On April 30, , Coleman was tragically killed at only 34 years old when an accident during a rehearsal for an aerial show sent her plummeting to her death. Coleman remains a .

Bessie Coleman considered it a responsibility to inspire African-American to become pilots and attended a number of events to tell her story to raise interest about aviation in black people. She spent a lot of time speaking at schools, theaters, and churches around the country, displaying clips of her aerial stunts. Bessie Coleman (January 26, – April 30, ) was an early American civil was the first African-American woman, and also the first Native-American, to hold a pilot license. She earned her pilot license from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale on June 15, , and was the first black person to earn an international pilot's January 26, , Atlanta, Texas, U.S.