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After reading "Assessing Adult Attachment" I have come to the conclusion that if we had perfect parents the world would be a much more pleasant place to live. This book covers many topics including anxiety, fear, aggression, withdrawal, depressive disorders, bipolar disorder and criminal by: Know your Adult Attachment Style When completing this questionnaire, please focus on one significant relationship – ideally a current or past partner as the focus here is on adult relationships. This does not necessarily need to be a romantic relationship but must be the individual with whom you feel the most connection.

Feb 19,  · Can adults have attachment disorder? Attachment disorder is a general term for conditions that cause people to have a hard time connecting and forming meaningful relationships with others. The Author: Crystal Raypole. Dec 21,  · Assessing attachment is essential yet challenging. The Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) provides the best appraisal of adult attachment but is time-intensive and costly. Likewise, concerns have been raised regarding the Berkeley-AAI coding and classification by: 1.

May 17,  · Assessing Adult Attachment: A Dynamic-Maturational Approach to Discourse Analysis By Patricia McKinsey Crittenden and Andrea Landini W.W. Norton & Company: Hardback, pages $ Assessing Adult Attachment: A Dynamic-Maturational Approach to . Hazen and Shaver created the first questionnaire to measure attachment in adults, the 10 Item Attachment Scales Their questionnaire was designed to classify adults into the three attachment styles identified by Ainsworth. The questionnaire consisted of three sets of statements, each set of statements describing an attachment style.

Scoring Instructions for the Original Adult Attachment Scale The scale contains three subscales, each composed of six items. The three subscales are CLOSE, DEPEND, and ANXIETY. The CLOSE scale measures the extent to which a person is comfortable with closeness and intimacy. the CRI on relationships to adult attachment figures. At present this is the only detailed source of insights into the criteri a for scoring the AAI available to those who do not take the training course. Do not reproduce this material without permission of the author. EW ADULT ATTACHMENT INTERVIEW PROTOCOL George, C., Kaplan, N., & Main, M.