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So no surgery can be done to make the eye see normal vision in adulthood if the amblyopia was not treated as a child. Having said that, adults with strabismus amblyopia can have eye muscle surgery to straighten the eyes but it only improves cosmetic appearance and won't improve vision in . Jan 24,  · Yes, definitely a lazy eye can be fixed in adults. There was a misconception in the olden days that the lazy eye cannot be fixed or treated in adults. But, this is not true. Lazy eye can be fixed easily in adults.

Most adults with misaligned eyes are able to have successful realignment with surgery [See figure 1]. It is important consult with an eye surgeon who specializes in strabismus surgery. Why do adults get strabismus? Adults may have misalignment either from a residual childhood strabismus or they may have new onset in adulthood. RevitalVision enable significant vision improvement in amblyopic adults, when patching therapy is no longer effective! Clinical studies demonstrated that the vision improvement gained with 20 hours of RevitalVision in adults was equivalent to hours of patching in children.* Reading subtitles on TV Reading signs in the street.

Mar 10,  · Adult Amblyopia Treatment. Treatment options for adults with amblyopia isn't magic. It is real and based on science. For decades there has been a belief among eye doctors that if a patient had amblyopia (AKA "lazy eye"), it was untreatable after childhood.