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Oct 09,  · There are many types of things that may help people with disabilities work successfully. Some of the most common types of accommodations include: physical changes, such as installing a ramp or modifying a workspace or restroom; sign language interpreters for people who are deaf or readers for people who are blind;. If you're like most people, you would rather work than try to live on disability benefits. There are special rules that help you keep your cash benefits and Medicare while you test your ability to work. We call these rules "work incentives." For more information about Social Security work incentives, read Working While Disabled: How We Can Help.

Aug 24,  · Adults with the disorders often face unique challenges at work. While learning disabilities can present challenges for adults in the workplace, there are potential advantages as well as steps adults can take to their manage difficulties. Focusing on strengths can help minimize stigma, but also foster confidence and self-esteem. Jan 28,  · Job Help for People with Disabilities. If you have a disability and you're looking for work, these resources can help. Develop Your Work and Job-Seeking Skills. Get in-person counseling, training, support, and services to help you find and keep a job. Contact: Your state vocational rehabilitation agency. The American Job Center in your area.

While October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, unemployment for adults with disabilities is an epidemic in the workforce that’s seen all year, every year. That said, there are disability employers out there that want to change that. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the unemployment rate for workers with disabilities in was %—more than double that. Workers with disabilities Find resources and information to support your successful employment. Whether your disability is visible or not, a recent change or a long-term condition, your participation in the workforce is in demand.