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year-old Kathy Etchingham, a steady girlfriend of Hendrix’s in the ‘60s told a reporter that the man on the tape, which was found by a collector at an auction of rock memorabilia in London, “is not him. His face is too broad and nose and nostrils too wide for Jimi. Also the hair is too low on the forehead. Vivid Entertainment, a large maker of pornographic movies, has created a minute DVD, called ' Jimi Hendrix - The Sex Tape ' that combines 11 minutes of sex footage with a retrospective of.

May 01,  · A sex tape allegedly featuring late music legend Jimi Hendrix is for sale. Vivid Entertainment Group is selling a minute film, which includes an minute clip of a naked man, who they claim is the dead rocker, having sex with two mystery brunettes in a dimly-lit hotel room. Wandering ways: Jimi Hendrix was often unfaithful to his British girlfriend Kathy Etchingham A Californian video company - famous for selling the home-made blue .

Apr 30,  · A videotape which claims to show guitar legend Jimi Hendrix having sex with two women is being released. The footage is available to buy . The alleged Jimi Hendrix sex tape. Hirsch asked two acquaintances of Hendrix's - Cynthia Albritton and Pamela Des Barres - to do so, and both appear on the tape declaring that the man in question.

Jimi Hendrix: Tje Sex Tape je historický archivní záznam, který má epochální důležitost jak pro svět dospělých, tak i pro svět rocku. (oficiální text z přebalu DVD) Délka 46 minut (Dokument o nalezené pásce 40 minut, z toho 10 minut vlastní záznam z pásku, 6 minut krátké bonusy).