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Dec 17,  · EFFECTS AND SYMPTOMS OF FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME IN ADULTS There are several physical effects of alcohol syndrome that are apparent even in adulthood. Some can be severe including organ defects or bone growth problems. To diagnose FAS, doctors have developed a “ 4-Digit Diagnostic Code.”. Additional physical effects of FAS that are apparent in adulthood may include: organ defects. bone growth issues. flattened philtrum (groove in the upper lip) smaller head circumference. smaller than normal eye openings. small or absent palpebral fissures .

Nov 13,  · Adults born with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) tend to encounter a series of uphill battles. FAS is a group of related symptoms that occur caused by excessive alcohol exposure in the womb. Each year, thousands of babies in the U.S. are born with . Mar 11,  · Some of the most common effects and symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome, or fetal alcohol abuse syndrome are shown below: Small jaw Thin upper lip Flattened cheeks Smaller eyes with dropping eyelids Mental retardation Slow development of motor skills Impaired language development and function Memory.