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May 29,  · A pool float, of course. But any ol' float won't do. The perfect pool float for adults is highly functional: It can hold a refreshing cocktail, serve your . Pool floats are the ultimate way to relax in your pool. Select from lounge chairs, water hammocks, rafts, inflatable lounges and much more. You can even stash drinks inside your own floating cooler. Inflatable rafts can hold multiple swimmers for short adventures on the water.

Dec 26,  · The Intex King Kool is the best budget pool float for adults in the market. It is transparent and comes with beams of many colors that give it an attractive look. It comes with a backrest, an armrest and a drink holder which is on the right side. Poolmaster Water Hammock Pool Lounger is a traditional style and made of weather fabric body. The lounger is a stunning and portable style pool float that is perfect for lazy days just lounging in the pool. The water hammock has heavy duty vinyl.