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Nov 18,  · Hello folks, Anyone know of a way to change the display picture of the user currently logged in to MSN Messenger ? If possible, I'd like to keep the image out of the recently used picture list available in the Tools -> Change Display Picture dialog. In a similar vein to many of MSN Messenger's competitors, MSN Messenger allows messages to be enlivened with graphical free emoticons, sometimes called smileys, flash animations called winks, animated display pictures (sometimes called icons or avatars), styled text, and many more with third-party add-ons. The limit of msn contacts allowed is

Mood MSN Display Pictures is a collection of mood and emotions avatars for MSN Messenger. The Moods display picture set for MSN Messenger 6/7 includes high-quality display pictures for displaying. The Custom Emoticon/Display Picture Backup Wizard is a utility for backing up the custom content, like MSN Display Pictures and MSN Emoticons, that you have added to your MSN Messenger account (MSN , or ). This is useful if you have a lot of emoticons and display pics and can't afford to lose them, have lost the original files, need to re-use the files on another account.

MSN Display Pictures, Custom Emoticons and Background pics (you are here) DISPLAY PICS, CUSTOM ICONS AND CHAT BACKGROUNDS. MSN Messenger 6 allows a lot of customizing. You can add a cool MSN Display Picture (just like a forum avatar or buddy pics but for a chat window), change the background (msn wallpapers!) of a conversation window -even use different msn backgrounds for . Feb 16,  · Hi everyone, I am wondering if there is a setting where I can prevent certain people on my MSN account from viewing my current display picture. Or if I can edit people's information so they see another display picture. This would come in handy when I want to put up family photos as display pictures and not let friends see them, or vice versa.

Jul 01,  · One of my friend asked me that he needs to copy the display picture he had in his MSN Messenger display. He has tried searching but could not located it. Here is some detail about MSN way of storing display pictures. Please browse to the following path. Eager to create a Dynamic Display Picture but short on dough? Then we got an MSN Messenger 7 freebie for you! Just follow these instructions: 1) Sign into MSN Messenger 7 (duh!). 2) Go to Actions > Get More From Messenger. 3) Click Dynamic Display Pictures and select BlueMountain Display Pictures. 4) Click Muggins.