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Intussusception in adults is rare. It is estimated to account for only 5% of all intussusceptions and causes only 1% of all bowel obstructions and –% of all hospital admissions. About 90% of intussusceptions in adults are caused by a definite underlying disorder such as a neoplasm or by a postoperative by: May 23,  · The treatment of choice for adult intussusception consists of bowel resection and primary anastomosis. However, controversy remains about whether reduction of the intussusception at operation is necessary. In contrast to intussusception of the colon, where all of the cases should be resected en block without Esraa Kabawe, Sami Kabawe, Rawan Albakour, Majd Alobied, Ahmad Ghazal.

Sep 13,  · One recommendation is that all intussusceptions involving the large bowel should be resected, as there is an almost 60% risk of malignancy, whereas small bowel intussusceptions should be managed by reduction initially, as the risk of a neoplastic lesion is much less. Large bowel intussusception in adults is a rare event. Although colonic lipoma is also very rare, it should be considered in the differential diagnosis of adults with intussusception, with CT being the most sensitive diagnostic modality for this condition. Furthermore, it easily allows the identification of .

PDF | Introduction: Intussusception is rate in adults and is usually secondary to a definable pathology. This study was designed to review adult | Find, read and cite all the research you need. Intussusception in adults differs from those in children in various aspects (table 1). 9– 13 In adults, 90% occur in the small or large bowel and, the remaining 10% involve the stomach or a surgically created stoma. 14 The single most common site is the small bowel.