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The Power Rangers are gone. Antichrist has been freely given control of the universe. The Rangers' remaining allies can't win, all they can do is try and survive the Tribulation. Contains Power Rangers RPM, Power Rangers Angel Force, and Power Rangers Megaforce. Also will include bits of Super Sentai, Chuck, and Person of Interest. 12 Neo Power Rangers» by Show Expert 1 Angel Grove was the site of the very first team of rangers to come into this world. The evil sorceress, Rita Repulsa, has been fought back. Many years later a new evil sorceress has arrived to finish what she started. A new team of rangers have been selected and carry with them the legacy of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Browse through and read power rangers fanfiction stories and books. Browse through and read power rangers fanfiction stories and books. Sign up Log in. Zeva is Jason's adopted daughter, her boyfriend Hunter and the rest of the ninja storm team don't know that she was a power ranger, until something very special to her gets taken away only. It's Hard (A Power Rangers Samurai by AWolff13 K K Power Rangers One-Shots where the members of the team get comforted by Ji and the rest of the team because it's adorable.

Jul 01,  · [ A sequel to MD: Power Rangers which in itself is a AU on Marvel Descendants based on Power Rangers and this now being the AUs original idea sequel based on the Green with Evil Arc from the original Power Rangers run. I do not own anything to do with Power Rangers or Power Rangers , just t. This is the story of the movie "Power Rangers" along with a twist of my own: a new addition is with the newly chosen rangers as the White Ranger, going wi billy jason.

"As Power Rangers, you will have access to a universe of power, and command a fleet of fighting machines called 'Zords'." Zordon explained. "I don't get it." said Trini. "Jason, Bold and Powerful you shall command the Tyrannosaurus dinosaur." Zordon explained as Jason moprhed in the red ranger. "Zachary, You are clever and brave.