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Some adult payment processors will set you up with an offshore merchant account. This is often a way to get around big banks’ refusal to underwrite adult businesses, but it has another hidden advantage as well. When using an offshore merchant account, your acceptable chargeback ratio . In reality, the adult sector is actually a very lucrative industry for online merchants. Without merchant account services, a business will be unable to accept credit and debit card payments from their customers. A merchant account will allow your business to transfer funds from card issuing banks to your business bank account.

Even though it is unjustified, there is a stigma attached to the adult products industry that makes it hard to acquire an adult merchant account. Major banks and credit card processors simply will not work with adult products accounts because they are often considered too risky, not just because of the type of industry, but because of excessive. Nov 04,  · Adult merchant account services include online credit card processing for various types of companies, such as MOTO (mail order/telephone order), retail, Internet, and high risk. Online adult entertainment and adult novelty retailers are categorized as high risk.

Establishing an Adult Merchant Account. The adult entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry just in the U.S. alone. If you’re a merchant who sells adult toys and products, you know that the demand for your products is consistently strong from one quarter to the next/5(60). HighRisk Gateways provides you the best adult toys merchant account by which you can receive all international payments online within a few hours. We believe that the genuine and legitimate adult toys merchant account holder deserve to earnings growth in revenue. We assist in the merchant account services till the account is active.

A merchant account is a certain type of bank account which allows you to accept credit cards. All merchant accounts must be sponsored by an acquiring bank that is a member of the card associations (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc). They are responsible for depositing the funds into your checking account. The following activities are prohibited under the programs of Card brands: the sale or offer of a product or service that is not in full compliance with all laws applicable to Buyer, Issuing Bank, Merchant, Holder of the card, or cards.

Many high risk merchant accounts in the UK have been frozen or closed due to excessive chargebacks. A chargeback occurs when the credit card holder disputes the transaction after delivery of goods. The bank has to reimburse it, and the business experiences a loss. When these incidents become frequent, termination of the account follows.