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When you come across an adult cottonmouth snake, you’ll witness its triangular shaped mouth that sits on the pale snouted head. The body of the snake is pretty wide whereas the neck is narrow in with. It has many similarities with the copperhead and the rattlesnake. The average adult Florida cottonmouth is inches ( cm) in total length. This snake is heavy bodied with a pattern of light brown and dark brown crossbands containing many dark spots and speckles. The pattern darkens with age so adults may become uniformly black. The eye is camouflaged by a broad, dark, facial stripe.

Adult Cottonmouth Snakes commonly exceed 80 centimetres in length, with males growing larger than females. Cottonmouth Snakes have a heavy body with a moderately long tail. Occasionally, individuals may exceed centimetres in length, especially in the eastern part of their range. Cottonmouth Snakes are large, aquatic, venomous snakes. Adult snakes hunt for their prey. They eat warm or cold blooded animals like salamanders, turtles, rats, small birds, other small snakes, etc. However, in captivity the diet of an adult cottonmouth snake comprises mice, rats, and chicks.

The Cottonmouth's bite is far more serious than that of the Copperhead and can be fatal. When annoyed, the Cottonmouth tends to stand its ground and . "The name 'cottonmouth' comes from the white coloration of the inside of the snake's mouth," she said. Other local names include black moccasin, gaper, mangrove rattler, snap jaw, stub-tail snake.

adult western cottonmouth in defensive posture - cottonmouth water moccasin snake stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. wild juvenile cottonmouth snake (agkistrodon piscivorus) in florida - cottonmouth water moccasin snake stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Cottonmouth snakes (water moccasins) are venomous snakes. However, their bites rarely kill humans. Cottonmouths are found near or in bodies of water in the southeastern United States. These snakes are known for standing their ground when threatened, but they will only bite if provoked.