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A good hero starts at a good costume and that’s exactly where we come in! We carry adult superhero costumes as well as styles for kids and toddlers, so you can find superhero family costumes for the whole clan. And don't forget about the capes. If you’re already impressed by our staggering collection of superhero suits and gear and need. In these Adult Superhero Costumes you will be ready to save those in trouble with your special powers! Choose from Spiderman, an Superman or even an Sexy Super Hero Costume like a Batgirl, Supergirl or Wonder Woman costume, for a Halloween superhero outfit that will really save the day! Everyone loves a Hero so you'll be flying high in any of these terrific adult super hero costumes!

Superhero Costumes for Kids & Adults. Shop superhero costumes at Spirit Halloween to show off just how powerful you are! Save the world as Captain America, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Batgirl and many others. You can report for duty in Gotham City when you wear a muscular Batman or fly through Planet Krypton in an officially licensed Superman costume. All Adult Costume Whether you want to be a hero from the golden age of comic books like Superman or Batman, a young upstart like Deadpool or Harley Quinn, a movie character like Scooby-Doo or V for Vendetta, or a video game character like Master Chief or Sonic the Hedgehog, you'll be able to find any kind of costume you're looking for!