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adult chironomid pattern - Bbw Ebony Ass in pattern leggings

Adult Chironomid Fishing with midge adults can be tricky. We like this pattern when larger Price: $ Airbody CDC Midge This CDC pattern lands super light on the water, with just a few wisps of CDC Price: $ CDC Transitional Midge You can slightly wiggle this fly on the surface. Just barely shake your rod. Aug 2, - Explore Ian Sambrooke's board "Chironomid Fly patterns" on Pinterest. See more ideas about flying, fly tying, fly fishing.9 pins.

The Universal chironomid (UC), once again, worked its magic with 4 fish on its first 4 casts. The 23 inch rainbow on the right was caught on a size #16 UC. The only differences in this pattern are really just the bead size in conjunction with the hook size (from #12 down to #16 or even #18) and I started using more holo tinsel than the goose biots. Maroon is a versatile pattern color as depending upon the light conditions it can appear as black, brown and its parent color. Black is another ideal color choice and a black body red rib is a favoured color combination for many seasoned chironomid fly fishers.

Jun 06,  · Category: Chironomid Patterns Chironomidae (informally known as chironomids or nonbiting midges) are a family of nematoceran flies with a global distribution. They are closely related to the Ceratopogonidae, Simuliidae, and Thaumaleidae. Mar 20,  · There are a bunch of patterns for the adult stage, but the Griffith's Gnat or a small parachute works in most instances. Pick up a copy of Phil Rowley's Fly Patterns for Stillwaters and take a look at the various patterns he and Brian Chan have scattered around the net, chironomid fly patterns.