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Adults have very small amounts of brown fat in the neck, collarbone, kidneys, and spinal cord. Lean people typically have more brown fat than overweight people. Women also tend to have more than. Brown fat has also been shown to be one of the tissues in the adult body that can be stimulated to use the highest amounts of glucose per gram, helping to control blood sugar levels. Today, it’s believed by most experts that holding onto the existing brown fat we had during our younger years, as opposed to building up higher stores once we.

Everyone has at least a little bit of brown fat. Unlike regular old white fat, which stores calories, mitochondria-packed brown-fat cells burn energy and produce heat. It was once thought that, in. Brown fat is highly regarded as a possible treatment for obesity and some metabolic syndromes. Scientists used to believe that only babies had brown fat, which makes up about 5 percent of their.

Brown fat is found in a layer of fat under the skin, typically in a region extending from the base of the head and along the shoulders, and then down the spine, said Dr. Aaron Cypess, acting chief. Adult Health Library. Allergy and Asthma; Arthritis and Other Rheumatic Diseases; Bone Disorders; Breast Health; Cardiovascular Diseases; Complementary and Alternative Medicine; Dermatology; Diabetes; Digestive Disorders; Endocrinology; Environmental Medicine; Eye Care; Gynecological Health; Hematology and Blood Disorders; Home Health, Hospice.