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Blackbelly Lamb Show Filters Showing 1–12 of 15 results. 1; 2 → Blackbelly Lamb, Lamb Chops, Non-GMO Lamb. Lamb Porterhouse Chops. Rated 0 out . GENERAL APPEARANCE. The American Blackbelly sheep is unique among hair sheep because of its exotic look and black facial bars. The breed displays the demeanor of a noble animal, which is strong, alert, well muscled, and clean cut. Along with being badger-faced, they exhibit the black markings of the on the face, legs, belly, inguinal region, chin and chest.

The Best Fresh Lamb, From A Breed Worth Saving Barbados Blackbelly Sheep from Bush Creek Farm Adult Breeding Stock Currently Available! More About Barbados Blackbelly Sheep. Barbados Blackbelly Sheep. Posted by Site Admin on January 8, Dec 30,  · The Barbados Black Belly sheep breed is a gentle docile breed that is active and alert. They are one of the best foragers and love to do foliage management. They produce a high-quality mild-flavored meat that is said to be very tender. They are also very beautiful sheep that do not really have a huge heavy fleece but rather a shorter smoother one.

Lambs out of Blackbelly x Dorset ewes were heavier than lambs out of Finnsheep ewes and similar to those produced by Dorset and Finnsheep x Dorset ewes. The mean adult ewe weight of pounds for Blackbelly x Dorset ewes was somewhat less than that of Finnsheep x Dorset ewes (Table 2) but was acceptable for crossbred commercial ewes. A: Blackbelly lamb is very mild tasting compared to woolie lamb, which is often muttony tasting. Blackbelly lamb is also very lean and tender. Blackbelly lamb is also very lean and tender. Even rams butchered at 2 years of age will taste good (they will be tougher, however).

These conditions result in the unparalleled quality and taste of all the meat found at Blackbelly. FRESH CUTS & CURED MEATS. For all inquires: email or call ext 3 Head Butcher Isaac. ** This list is updated weekly. Quantities are limited and products listed may not always be available.** Lamb, Buckner Family Ranch (price per.