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Mar 23,  · Get an answer for 'Explain the imagery and symbols Adrienne Rich uses in the poem "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers."' and find homework help for other Aunt Jennifer's Tigers questions at eNotes. For anarchists, the state will always be a tool of domination and hierarchy because it takes away the ability of the people to directly decide and act. Rather than a tool, anarchists see the state as a relation hinged on domination and hierarchy, and thus inherently oppressive. Who are some historical figures who shaped anarchism?

adrienne maree brown because each individual increases their own accountability to the collective. people have suggested different songs for hand washing or ignorant projections, or the domination cycles of those who measure their humanity in false supremacy. those things will continue. but what we pay attention to grows. so i pay. Dec 15,  · Adrienne LaFrance is the executive editor of The Atlantic. She was previously a senior editor and staff writer at The Atlantic, and the editor of Connect Twitter.